How to upload your video to YouTube!

1. Make a short video on your device (please see your device’s manual for instructions if you need to).

2. Go to Make sure you’re logged in.

3. Find the up-arrow symbol in the upper-right-hand corner of the YouTube webpage, next to your alerts (the bell) and your page icon (if any; a cat photo in this case):


4. Click that up-arrow symbol. You’ll see the following:

5. Click the up-arrow above “Select files to upload.” You will see something like what follows, which was done on an iPad:

On other operating systems, there’ll be an equivalent pop-up menu: just choose “Photo Library” or its equivalent if you’ve already made your video.

(If you choose to do your video directly on YouTube choose the “Take Photo or Video” option, or its non-iPad-operating-system equivalent, and then follow the directions. This set of instructions presumes you’ve already made your video, that it’s already on your computer, and you just want to upload it to YouTube.)6. Click on Photo Library. Find your video. Select it. You will see that YouTube is “compressing” the video; then you’ll see: 

7. You will see some string of numbers and letters as you do above (“6A67622…”). That’s your automatically generated video title. Retitle it—something like “My MeToo Gaza Video” or whatever you like. Keep it on the default “Public” setting. Add a description in which you put in the address for MeTooGaza: For Tags, put at least Gaza, Israel, Palestine. (Just type the word, hit return; it’ll form the tag automatically for you.)

8. Click on the Advanced Settings tab. You’ll see:

You can allow comments or not, but make sure to categorize it under Nonprofits & Activism so that whatever algorithms YouTube uses pick the video up as part of that category. Make any other changes or not as you see fit.

Click Publish and you’re done! 🙂

8. Click on the Advanced Settings tab. You’ll see: